Carl’s Story™ AML/BSA Video Resource
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Carl’s Story™ AML/BSA Video Resource

In this award-winning video, Carl and his team of “placement specialists” try various methods to launder their criminal profits. Carl’s Story gives an overview of how money laundering works in different industries and illustrates the important role of trained employees in detecting and reporting suspicious activities.

Carl’s Story is available as a resource for compliance officers and instructors, and includes a Leader’s Guide for follow-up discussions with different employee groups. You can present the video as part of your initial or ongoing AML training program.

The package includes:

  • Carl’s Story – 15 minutes; HD format
  • Leader’s Guide for presentations to employee groups
  • Video narration script
  • Customizable PowerPoint™ presentation for follow-up discussion


For more information on pricing and availability for individual or group purchases, please contact us at 866-596-7702 or

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