Flag the Money™ for Financial Institutions
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Flag the Money™ for Financial Institutions

Designed for bank, trust and credit union employees, Flag the Money includes Carl’s Story, a compelling video about a criminal entrepreneur and his team of money launderers. The friendly, accessible style shows frontline and back office employees how money laundering works and teaches the basics of 

AML compliance.

A built-in exam ensures a baseline level of knowledge throughout your organization while reporting features allow your compliance team to easily track student progress and verify course completion. This course awards 1.5 CFCS Credits.

This comprehensive 90-minute online program includes:

  • Carl’s Story – an award-winning video about a gang of money-laundering criminals
  • Interviews with industry experts – including bankers, law enforcement and journalists
  • Interactive exercises throughout – with detailed feedback on student responses
  • Glossary and other resources – available as pull-down tabs or printable PDFs
  • Final exam – employees who do not pass will answer different questions on the second attempt

Do you need to customize your AML training with your company logo, policies, procedures, and references to in-house practices? Do you need multiple languages or compliance with other jurisdictions outside of the USA or Canada? No problem! We’ll be glad to work with your compliance team to produce a customized version of Flag the Money that fits your needs and your budget.

Flag the Money™ US (English) –  ACFCS Member $69
Flag the Money™ Canada (English) – ACFCS Member $69
Flag the Money™ Canada (French) – ACFCS Member $69
Flag the Money™ US (English) – Non Member $84
Flag the Money™ Canada (English) – Non Member $84
Flag the Money™ Canada (French) – Non Member
Flag the Money™ for Financial Institutions – more than 20 seats – group rates available Contact Us


Training Details

Students Will Learn:

  • Money laundering from the criminal’s perspective
  • Similarities and differences between terrorist financing and money laundering
  • The three stages of money laundering and how to identify them
  • Principles of risk assessment in your industry
  • An overview of the regulatory environment
  • Techniques of money laundering and terrorist financing including structuring
  • KYC – Know Your Client/Customer
  • The key reports associated with money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Red flags and suspicious indicators
  • PEPs – Politically Exposed Persons
  • The social and economic consequences of money laundering
  • And much more

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