Cryptocurrency and Fincrime Compliance Resource Center

Since their appearance about 10 years ago, cryptocurrencies have been variously derided as a scam and hailed as the future of money. Navigating a course through the doubts and the hype, cryptocurrencies have seen increased adoption and acceptance in recent years as a part of the financial system.

Yet like any other financial instrument, cryptocurrencies have their financial crime risks, from use in money laundering, to vehicles for fraud and more. Nearly any professional in financial crime prevention needs a working knowledge of the crypto world, and many analysts, investigators and others may need a deeper dive.

This ACFCS Resource Center is here to help meet that need. It's designed to help fincrime professionals at all levels improve their understanding of cryptocurrencies in general, and particularly their financial crime risk.

HEre You'll FIND: 

  • Introductory Reading - Both those presented during conference sessions and additional decks submitted as supplemental resources by speakers
  • Open Source Educational Sites - For those wanting more in-depth information, this section includes a full free online course presented by Princeton and other materials.
  • News, Updates and Perspectives - To stay informed on the latest developments in the world of crypto compliance and fincrime
  • Links to Practical Tools and Sites - From online tools to research the blockchain, to sites that can help you identify Bitcoin ATMs, and More
  • Articles, Whitepapers and Further Reading - Including research on specific financial crime risks in crypto, ebooks and more.


Introductory Reading and Resources - Getting Started

Are you just getting started with crypto, or simply don't know where to begin? These sites and resources can get you up to speed on how crypto works, how it's used, and where risks lie. 

Bitcoin for Beginners by Cointelegraph - A collection of useful guides on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies designed for those new to the space, covering everything from the basics of blockchain technology to the legal framework around crypto. View here.

Getting Started with Bitcoin by the Bitcoin Foundation - A guide designed to help individuals use Bitcoin, it covers how to obtain a wallet, obtain cryptocurrencies, and transact with them. View here.

Banking Bitcoin-Related Businesses - A Primer for Managing BSA/AML Risks - A whitepaper written for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, this is a good, non-technical read to understand the AML issues associated with cryptocurrencies, as well as the regulations around them. View here. 

Bitcoin Laundering: An Analysis of Illicit Flows into Digital Currency Services by Elliptic - For those looking to understand how cryptocurrencies are used for illegal activity, this whitepaper that examines the use of Bitcoin in illicit transactions can be a good place to start.  View here.

Open-Source Educational Resources - Going Deeper

Bitcoin Resource Page by Jameson Lopp - Wide-ranging collection of information and resources for nearly any level of crypto experience, from beginner to advanced. View here.

Online Course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, from Princeton University - Offered through Coursera, this online course is a robust overview of the technical aspects of Bitcoin and beyond. View here.

News, Updates, and Perspectives

BitAML Blog - Well-informed news and guidance with a focus on financial crime compliance in the crypto space. View here.

Unchained Podcast - A well-known and well-regarded podcast in the crypto space. View here.

Quarterly Cryptocurrency AML Report by CipherTrace - A far-reaching and comprehensive look at events, regulatory changes and other relevant news in the crypto space each quarter. Find reports on their resource page or view the 2019 Q1 report here.


Practical Tools and Investigation Sites

Coin ATM Radar - Global map of locations of cryptocurrency ATMs, featuring address, types of coins, and additional details. View here.

Block Explorer - Tool to search Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum blockchains for addresses, transactions and blocks. View here.

BlockCypher - Another tool to search crypto blockchains, with a wider range of cryptocurrencies available to be searched than Block Explorer. View here.

CoinMarketCap - Tracks market capitalization, prices and other information on a large number of cryptocurrencies. View here.

Whitepaper, Webinars, and Books

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System - The original whitepaper by the still-enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto that launched Bitcoin. View here.

Sanctions Compliance in Cryptocurrency Whitepaper by Elliptic - A report that explores how compliance officers can protect their businesses against exposure to cryptocurrency-related sanctions risks. View here.

Webinar: Managing Crypto Compliance Amid Global Regulatory Change by Elliptic - View here

Books on Crypto and Related Topics:

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