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Cybercrime and Cyber Intelligence: The Sword and Shield for Financial Crime Professionals

Friday, November 4, 2016   (0 Comments)
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In recent years, the spectacular rise of cybercrime threats has made “cyber” an integral part of the work of almost all financial crime professionals, from compliance officers, to analysts, to investigators, legal professionals and law enforcement. Contrary to public perception, cyber threats are rarely the virtuoso, sophisticated hacking attacks shown in films – and responding to cyber risks and harnessing cyber intelligence often requires less technical expertise than people expect.

On one hand, professionals need to protect themselves and their firms against growing threats, using “cyber as a shield.” On the ‎other hand, professionals can use smart and legitimate cyber tools to gather information needed for due diligence, investigations or litigation, and to ‎provide better legal and financial services (“cyber as a sword”).‎

In this webinar, Roy Zur, CEO of Cybint and a former Israeli intelligence officer, takes attendees through the Sword and Shield of cyber intelligence in an engaging presentation that follows his glowing reviews from the ACFCS 2016 Financial Crime Conference.

In the first part of this presentation, attendees will learn how to use the Sword – including techniques to gain access to crucial hidden information, accelerate search and analysis abilities (including Darknet and Deepweb), identify weak spots of rival sides, and more. In the second part, attendees will learn how to use the Shield – To protect privacy and prevent leakage of information, avoid identity theft, enhance security levels, and more.


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