Human Trafficking

One of the fastest growing crimes today is Human Trafficking. It is a lucrative business, with an estimated $150 billion dollars in profits generated each year. The financial industry uniquely positioned to combat this heinous crime. Below are some helpful indicators and resources to assist banks in their efforts to detect behavior that could indicate a human-trafficking situation.

How Can Banks Identify Human Trafficking Red Flags?

  • Financial activity such as multiple employees being paid into a single account
  • Wage receipt followed by rapid withdrawal or onward transfer into single accounts
  • Unusual behavior inside of the bank, such as individuals avoiding cashiers or regularly depositing cash using branch automated machines
  • No living expense transactions

Sharing information and awareness is key to the fight against human trafficking. The new HT Resource Page will serve as a knowledge center for financial crime professionals. With your help, it will be updated and expanded over time. Visit the page and learn how you can contribute today.  To share a resource, click here.


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