Our Frontline Package is Your Best Line of Defense.
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Take Advantage of Group Training Pricing Today.

Your frontline staff members are the first line of defense against financial crimes like money laundering, fraud and cyber attacks. These employees are the first to provide service to your customers and in many cases, the first to initiate transactions.

However, through no fault of their own, they could also be your weakest link and the most vulnerable to potential threats. That’s because they may not have the proper training to recognize the telltale signs and red flags of financial crime. 

Our curated training package is a must-have for new hires, tellers, compliance officers, training directors, loan officers, customer relationship managers, human resources team members, and branch managers.

Included in the Package are three courses, each approx. 45 minutes in length. Financial Crime Essentials equips employees with an understanding of the full range of criminal threats, and the basics of how to combat them. Flag the Money teaches the tactics and indicators of money laundering through compelling, video-based storytelling. Finally, Elder Abuse uses real-world scenarios to help your staff respond to one of the fastest-growing fraud risks.

Each of the three online courses in the Frontline Package  include compelling videos, interactive exercises, review tests, interviews, and Q&A. The courses are self-paced and can be completed at the direction of the user. 

Learn More About Each Course: 

  1. Financial Crime Essentials
  2. Elder Abuse
  3. Flag the Money

Be Prepared, Reduce Risks, Respond to Threats

Frontline Package Pricing Details: 

  • 1-25 seats = $109 per seat
  • 26-100 seats = $79 per seat
  • 101-200 seats = $49 per seat
  • 200+ = $39 per seat 
    Individual pricing for the three standalone courses = $200 per seat


According to a report from CNBC, 15.4 million banking customers were victims of fraud in 2016, and organizations, like yours, have lost more than four trillion dollars to financial crimes - equaling 5% of total revenues. Understanding both the causes and precautions related to this growing crisis is critical.

To sign your team up for the Frontline Training Package, or for more details fill out the form today.

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