Running March 21 and 22, this two-day virtual event exclusively for ACFCS members is all about honing the practical skills and applied knowledge you need to thrive in the present and future of fincrime prevention.

From sessions on hard skills like OSINT research and countering authorized push payment fraud, to big-picture presentations on becoming the fraud fighter of tomorrow, every part of the Future of FinCrime Skills is structured to be highly interactive and immediately useful on the job. It’s an event built by, and intended for, experienced investigators, compliance pros and law enforcement.

You’ll experience:

  • Practical training on cross-cutting skills and topics that apply to a wide range of roles, including proactive threat intelligence, countering social engineering, using gen AI tools and more

  • Learning sessions with live exercises, knowledge checks and more that ask you to apply what you’re learning in real time

  • Guidance on the latest illicit finance threats and emerging risks with a particular emphasis this year on scams, terrorist financing techniques and sanctions evasion


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Top Sessions

The New Face of Terrorist Financing – Adapting to New Trends and Threats

ChatGPT, Can You Crack this Case? – Tips for Generative AI in Investigations

How to Find Anyone – OSINT for People Searching

The Better, Faster Fraud Fighter – Becoming the Fraud Fighter of Tomorrow, Today


9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Welcome and KeyNote - Fighting Financial Crime: The National Security Imperative

  • When governments around the world hit Russia with sanctions in response to the invasion of Ukraine, financial crime compliance programs and the professionals behind them stepped up to the challenge, implementing screening and blocking for sanctions of unprecedented scale and scope.
  • Since then, new challenges have emerged. Sanctions evaders have shifted tactics and targets, and the rising risks of weapons proliferation from countries like Iran and North Korea have added new wrinkles to an already complex field.
  • It’s now apparent that financial crime prevention plays a key role in supporting global security. Where does this leave financial crime professionals?
  • What are the key risk areas to prioritize, and what are regulators and law enforcement expecting to see as best practices in a rapidly-changing world? In this session, hear from a leader in the DOJ’s National Security division as he provides perspectives on how your work supports national and international security, and why honing your skills matters now more than ever.

10:15 AM – 11:30 AM
Beyond the Surface: Maximizing OSINT in Financial Crime Investigations

If you are a financial crimes investigator, have you ever wondered, “Did I capture all the online information I need for my investigation?”, or “Did I look under every virtual ‘rock’ that’s on the internet?” The ability to gather information online has never been more important – or more confusing.
Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), the collection of information on internet sites that do not require a user ID or (deep web) or the onion router (dark web) has become a standard procedure in gathering information during investigations. OSINT enables investigators to conduct effective information collection on customers and transactions, as well as to implement proactive financial crime risk management strategies. It can be a tricky skill to acquire, even for a seasoned investigator.
Join our expert who will be discussing how you can become a more skilled OSINT investigator, including the following key takeaways:            
How to streamline your OSINT investigations with a comprehensive workflow; Target skill gaps for follow-up; How to use precise documentation for due diligence.

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM
Proactive Threat Intelligence - How to Stay Ahead of the Bad Guys on the Deep and Darkweb

In today's dynamic cybersecurity landscape, staying one step ahead of cyber threats is imperative for organizations seeking to safeguard their digital assets. This session on Proactive Threat Intelligence is designed to empower cybersecurity professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to anticipate, assess, and mitigate potential cyber threats before they manifest. Attendees will delve into the realm of proactive threat intelligence, gaining insights into emerging threats, and developing strategies to fortify their organization's cyber defenses. Key Takeaways: Cyber Threat Landscape Analysis; Cyber Threats Actors and Attribution; Threat Hunting and Incident Response

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Crypto Session - Coming Soon

The House Always Wins? The State of Play in Casino and Gaming AML ComplianceNetworking and Discussion


2:15 PM – 3:30 PM
Writing it Right - Tips and Insights on SARs from a Bank Examiner

3:45 PM – 4:00 PM
Speed Networking

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Countering Fentanyl Trafficking: A Case Study of Transnational Organized Crime

The brutal impacts of fentanyl have been felt in communities across the world, claiming lives and generating massive proceeds for transnational organized crime. The good news for financial crime professionals is that they can play an important role in helping to choke off the finances behind the fentanyl epidemic.
In this session, hear from law enforcement experts as they take you inside a fentanyl trafficking case involving international crime rings. You’ll learn how the case unfolded, the role of the financial sector in detecting financial flows tied to trafficking, and key red flags and typologies to boost your compliance program.

5:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Welcome Reception

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
What’s in a Name? - Finding People in Other Languages

Language is full of underlying contexts, historical implications, and culture... but what about a name?
Join us for this session as we touch on names, their components, origins, translations, and transliterations.
How can we as investigators approach names to determine validity, variations across alphabets, and the variations in name structures that exist across cultures.
We’ll touch on patronymics and matronymics, translation and transliteration, as well as name variations and how one can find them.

- Paulavi Ishmera, Skip Schiphorst, Deb Geister ?

9:10 AM – 10:25 AM
The New Face of Terrorist Financing - Adapting to New Trends and Threats

"In the complex landscape of global security, countering terrorist financing is a critical aspect of safeguarding societies and financial systems. This specialized session on Terrorist Financing offers a deep dive into the intricate mechanisms, methodologies, and preventive measures necessary to identify and disrupt the flow of funds supporting illicit activities.
Key Takeaways: Insights into Terror Finance Networks; What skills are needed to tackle terror finance investigations; Role of Financial Institutions and Reporting Obligation

10:35 AM – 11:35 AM
ChatGPT, Can You Crack This Case? - Tips for Generative AI in Investigations

Where were you on November 30, 2022? If you can’t remember, you’re probably not alone, but that seemingly unremarkable date marks the public release of ChatGPT and the unofficial start of a wave of interest in generative AI.
ChatGPT and similar chatbots are hardly the first or the only AI tools with applications in financial crime compliance, but they are versatile, sophisticated and accessible to the average user. They have the ability to rapidly summarize information, answer questions, and even generate reports. Does this make them a natural fit financial crime investigations?
The answer to that question is yes... with a lot of caveats. Generative AI tools are powerful, but knowing their limitations and navigating their quirks are essential for fincrime professionals. In this session, hear from an AI and AML pro as he guides you on use cases for investigations and compliance, along with the risk considerations and safeguards you’ll need to get started riding the GenAI wave.

11:45 AM – 12:15 PM
An ACFCS Collection of Short Stories - Membership, Certification, Accelerator, C2S and more

The House Always Wins? The State of Play in Casino and Gaming AML ComplianceNetworking and Discussion

12:20 PM – 1:05 PM
Excelling at Excel - Tips and Tricks for Mastering Spreadsheets

Join us for this 45 minute crash course on how to excel with excel. This session is broken into 15 minute chunks starting at 15 minute basic, 15 minute intermediate tooling, and 15 minutes of advanced tooling. Sort, filter, and graph your way to success in this applicable training focusing on organizing and focusing your data for more efficient and effective investigations.

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
The evolution of fincrime compliance careers - From public to private, crypto to fintech, here and back again

ACFCS Chapter Snapshot: ACFCS boasts a broad, diverse and talented chapter network, from the United States to Europe, Amsterdam to Africa and more.
So get ready for a great session informed by real practitioners offering insightful knowledge and practical skills on the challenges that matter most to this community – and maybe make some new friends in your neck of the woods.
If you want to see where risks, resources and results can survive – even thrive, come join us!

2:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Speed Networking

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Authorized Push Payment Fraud - Strategies for Countering a Scam-demic

Losses to Authorized Push Payment (APP) fraud are forecast to double across the United Kingdom, India and the U.S. in the next four years, hitting nearly $5.3 billion, according to industry estimates – putting more pressure on banks to find and report on such scams.
But that is just one piece of the fincrime compliance risk puzzle to ponder. The other comes from rising liability as fraud laws change to catch up with the scammers, protect the victims and put more onus on the entities involved in the payments themselves – ostensibly banks.
Want to know how to balance the risk of instant payments, the liability of being responsible for customer mistakes and appeasing regulators? Well then, this session is for you.

4:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Closing Reception


Christian Nauvel

Deputy Chief Counsel for Corporate

US Department of Justice

Uri Rivner

CEO and Co-Founder

Refine Intelligence

Mishaal Khan

Ethical Hacker, OSINT Investigator, Privacy Consultant and vCISO

Craig Hirsch

Senior BSA/AML Lead Expert Risk Specialist


Tom Mangine

Adjunct Professor

Joint Special Operations University

Charles Finfrock

CEO & Founder


Dave Creamer

Director, Risk Management


Jessi Brooks

Chief Compliance Officer

Ribbit Capital

Ivica Simonovski

Global Cyber Security Research Center

Alexis Gregory

Special Agent

Homeland Security Investigations, Miami Dark Web Group

Pamela Clegg

Vice President, Crypto Risk & Investigations

Ciphertrace a mastercard company

Rio Miner

Garrett Brock

Manager of Investigations


Skip Schiphorst

OSINT Instructor



Financial criminals are constantly communicating with one another, sharing their tools and honing their skills – shouldn’t you be doing the same?
With up to 11 continuing education credits, a stacked roster of expert presenters, multiple networking sessions, and topics that help you excel on the job, this is the training you need to win against fraudsters, money launderers, terrorist financiers and more.
New for 2024, we’re bringing in more voices from our ACFCS member community, with three sessions led by, and designed for, our members and CFCS-certified professionals around the globe.

We believe that virtual doesn’t have to be boring. This event might be online, but it’s built with dialogue in mind. All sessions feature Q&A and interactivity, and several will incorporate live exercises, take-home learning activities, resource guides and more.

Come with an open mind, be prepared to be challenged, and share your own ideas!

  • Get focused training on key risk areas, including terrorist financing trends, authorized payment fraud, counter proliferation finance, and more
  • Build connections with forward-thinking professionals at online speed-networking sessions, and the ability to schedule meetings on an event app
  • Leave with a deep resource library, open source tools, and other content you can share with peers and apply on the job


The Future of FinCrime Skills is designed particularly with mid-level investigators, analysts and similar roles in mind, though almost anyone with responsibility for financial crime prevention and detection will find value. For roles with a responsibility for a wide range of financial crime risk, this is a can’t-miss event. Some examples include:

  • Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) officers, managers, and analysts
  • Law enforcement
  • AML officers, managers, directors, analysts
  • Directors, analysts and other roles in financial intelligence units
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Internal and external auditors
  • Fraud managers, investigators and analysts
  • Professionals in threat intelligence roles
  • Regulators
  • Investigators or analysts in intelligence agencies or military with a nexus to financial crime