E.J. Hilbert

E.J. Hilbert (Membership Director) is the President of KCECyber. E.J. has over 25 years of experience in the Security, Privacy, Risk Mitigation and Compliance fields.  E.J.’s primary expertise is in helping clients establish a practical and effective Cyber Security and Privacy strategy and executing on that plan. 

Prior to starting KCECyber, E.J. has held executive roles in Cyber Security and Privacy at CNM, GDBA, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Kroll (US and Europe) and MySpace.  During which he has served as Practice Leader, Consultant, Educator and CISO for employers and clients.

E.J. also served as an FBI Special Agent addressing White Collar Crime, Cybercrime, Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism.  He spent 4 years undercover; two years working against Eastern European hackers and two infiltrating Al Qaeda online.

E.J. began his professional career as a High School teacher and has also worked as a sandwich maker, bricklayer, tuxedo salesman, limo driver, pizza cook and janitor. E.J. has a degree in History from the University of San Diego. Has undergone advanced training in cyber security, privacy, fraud, investigations, and interrogations.  E.J. has received numerous awards including 3 FBI Distinguished Service awards and 2 US. Attorney Awards.  He has also been cited by various news and media outlets to include- MSNBC, Rolling Stone, CNN, BBC, Wired, and the WSJ.