ACFCS is honored to announce that Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. will be the Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Financial Crime Conference on April 19-21 in New York City.

In the modern fight against financial crime, there have been few leaders as prolific, bold and pioneering as Vance, the District Attorney of New York County. In his four years in that role, Mr. Vance has not only prosecuted criminals all over the world, from cyber-thieves to human traffickers, but also influenced a movement to understand the convergence of these financially-related violations. Those achievements and values distinguish him as a leader in the public sector who has dedicated his time and talent to eradicating financial crime.

Mr. Vance was elected on January 2010 to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and has since overseen a multitude of successful operations against domestic and international cybercrime and identity theft rings, violent street gangs, drug peddlers and human traffickers, . Mr. Vance’s initiative to prosecute financial institutions at home and abroad for violating international sanctions on behalf of blacklisted nation-states is unparalleled, and his office has recovered billions from those cases.

Mr. Vance has also been on the forefront of tackling cybercrime, including creating a special bureau dedicated to ensuring these types of crimes are treated as  high-priority issues. Mr. Vance was re-elected for a second term in 2013, which kicked off more endeavors to reduce both violent crime and prosecute corruption and fraud.

Mr. Vance represents the financial district of New York City, a capital of money-movement and commercial activity. The state has had a long history of aggressive investigations and prosecutions of white collar crime.. Mr. Vance has pushed to enhance and modernize the policies, resources and tools used to probe and prosecute financial crime, creating a task force to study and suggest changes in the law that would help more effectively rein in white-collar crime.

Mr. Vance has also partnered with financial institutions and advocacy organizations to stop human trafficking – beginning with creating awareness about the reality of the crime and how it fits in with day-to-day businesses and financial activity.

He has diverted all prostitution cases to a specialized court called the “Human Trafficking Intervention Court,” which specializes in identifying the signs of human smuggling and sex trafficking in each case, to take a victim-centered approach. The office has focused on this issue as it relates to commerce and business, as a way to crimp the lifeblood of the crime. Mr. Vance has been a key leader on this issue, influencing other partner organizations to better prevent and detect the crime.

Emerging financial crime risks proliferate without boundaries through the modernization and globalization of today’s world. Mr. Vance is already carving out a legacy for himself as an advocate, fighter and leader against financial crime. Please join us as he discusses the current panorama of problems and solutions within this evolving field.

The only event to span the full spectrum of financial crime, the ACFCS Financial Crime Conference equips public and private sector professionals with critical skills and insight to confront proliferating threats and to be ready for expanding regulatory expectations.

The Conference is uniquely focused on guiding attendees to leverage tools and share best practices across disciplines, including anti-money laundering, fraud, corruption, tax evasion, cybersecurity and others. Leading experts will provide practical knowledge on how to improve results in financial crime detection and prevention in a hands-on format that allows the audience to guide the discussion.

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