Scaling Sanctions Programs Without Increasing Compliance Spend – Is It Possible?

The last eight weeks have seen new sanctions issued at a breakneck pace. Implementing these new sanctions programs, and dealing with the ever increasing volumes of sanctions alerts that come with these new programs, can have huge repercussions for businesses who aren’t equipped to deal with this new normal. Lately, the result has been overburdened […]

The Next Wave of Identity Risk: Changes to Identity Verification

Fraud and financial crime professionals, brace for impact: 2021 was a record-breaking year for data breaches. Identity fraud inevitably follows data breaches, meaning financial crime specialists need to be ready for the next big wave of identity theft and risk. As identity fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated, coupled with more exposed data available via the Dark […]

New ESG Regulatory Challenges for Financial Institutions

AML, KYC, CFT… and now ESG? When it comes to effective financial crime compliance programs, environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) is not just another in the seemingly endless number of acronyms. While the connections may not always seem obvious, institutions globally are taking a hard look at how financial crime programs connect to and […]

‘Those Darkest Hours’: The Future of National Security with Jim Dinkins

From the financial flows behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to the modern focus on state-sponsored cybercrime, financial crime has become inextricably linked to national security over the last 20 years. During that entire time, James “Jim” Dinkins has been at the vanguard of the intersection of national security, border security, organized crime, narco trafficking, […]

Fraud at Home? Managing Insider Fraud Risk in the Work-From-Home Era

Working from home during the pandemic has been a boon for many employees, a bother to others, and a disruption for almost all. With disruption inevitably comes opportunities for fraud and financial crime, and work-from-home has opened new doors for internal fraud risks. With companies increasingly adopting hybrid work schedules or even fully remote work, […]

Crypto Compliance for 2022 and Beyond

The crypto industry has exploded over the past few years, further integrating into the global financial system and creating direct and indirect links to banks and other financial institutions.  The intersection of the fiat and crypto financial worlds offers vast opportunities, as well as new compliance challenges. From 2015 to 2021 we have seen an […]

How Data, Tech and Collaboration ‘Mega-Trends’ are Reshaping Fincrime

Change is a constant in the fincrime compliance space, but the last 18 months have seen a breakneck pace of changes – both negative and positive. In a recent survey by Refinitiv of compliance professionals around the globe, 71% of respondents said cybercrime became more difficult to contain during the Covid-19 pandemic, and 66% said […]

The Future of Banking: Onboarding Customers You’ll Never Meet

Before the pandemic, banks were slowly embracing innovation and integrating new technologies. But that gradual, comfortable pace was upended by the pandemic. Banks were forced to shutter branches, while never-digital customers shifted to digital-first behaviors. This trend is here to stay. Many customers expect to access all banking services on their smartphone and don’t anticipate […]

The Fraud State of the Union for 2021 – Key Trends and What’s Next

For financial criminals of all stripes, the proverbial state of the union is strong in 2021. The digital acceleration triggered by the pandemic, massive fraud schemes targeting government relief programs, and the faster adoption of real-time payments have all created huge opportunities for savvy fraudsters, in the US and internationally. Yet there’s reasons to be […]

The New Synthetic Identity Landscape – More is More for Fraud Programs?

Amid the wider sea of fraudulent activity during the pandemic, synthetic identity fraud has hit financial institutions in a particularly violent wave. Though it’s hardly a new phenomenon, the use of synthetics has exacerbated many other fraud trends in the US, from unemployment fraud to pandemic relief scams and much more. In this CrimeCast, hear […]