Bob Kapur

Bob Kapur (Co-Chair) is an independent AML/ATF consultant, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

For most of this time, he was the Deputy Chief AML Officer at a Big 5 Canadian bank, and was responsible for all aspects of the global AML, ATF, and Sanctions program, including policy development, risk assessments, investigations, effectiveness testing, training, enhanced due diligence and high risk client management, and board and regulatory reporting.

He was also the bank’s representative on numerous industry and government committees and was the private-sector leader of Project Guardian, the public-private initiative with FINTRAC that targets illegal fentanyl trafficking.

Before joining the bank, Bob was the forensic accountant for the Ontario Provincial Police, where he worked on numerous proceeds of crime investigations for the Anti-Rackets, Health Fraud, and Integrated Proceeds of Crime divisions.

Since 2019, Bob has been an independent consultant specializing in AML/ATF and Sanctions compliance within the financial services sector.