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For Immediate Release
April 23, 2013

Miami – The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists today announced the appointment of Toni Gillich, Senior Analyst with the US Government Accountability Office and an expert in auditing financial crime issues, and LaTonia Symonette-Tinker, Founder and President of the Bayshore Group and a top compliance specialist, to its Advisory Board.

Along with other renowned authorities on the Advisory Board, Gillich and Tinker will help guide ACFCS as it provides training, news and networking opportunities to its members and the global community of financial crime professionals.

In her work with the Government Accountability Office, Gillich conducts audits for the US Congress on a range of financial crime topics, from regulatory examinations of AML programs to cybersecurity issues.

Both a financial crime compliance expert and a lawyer, Tinker has more than 15 years experience in developing training programs, conducting risk assessments and building internal controls for a range of international financial institutions and corporations.

An executive board member of The Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers, she is also involved with the development of the pioneering Caribbean Center of Excellence for Financial Services. An initiative launched by the Bahamas Ministry of Financial Services, the Center will create a platform for education and training of financial services professions across the Caribbean region.

“LaTonia Tinker has proven to be a valuable contributor to and leader in the advancement, development and educational training of the compliance profession and the financial services industry in the Bahamas,” said the Hon. Ryan Pinder, Minister of Financial Services for the Bahamas. “Mrs. Tinker has worked closely with the Ministry of Financial Services through the Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers to facilitate programs and projects that ensure global compliance and anti-money laundering objectives and standards are adhered to in the fight against financial crime and terrorist financing.”

“ACFCS welcomes these two great experts to the Advisory Board. In their current work and past experience, they reflect the mission of ACFCS – to unite private and public sector professionals internationally, share best practices between sectors and improve detection and prevention of financial crime,” said Charles Intriago, president of ACFCS and a former federal prosecutor.

“Through her role auditing a range of banking and securities issues for Congress, Toni Gillich has gained unique insights on the financial crime challenges facing financial institutions,” Intriago continued. “With her legal background, previous role as a chief AML officer, and emerging expertise in FATCA, LaTonia Symonette-Tinker brings a wealth of valuable experience to the Advisory Board.”

“ACFCS is lucky to be able count on the expertise of such experienced and knowledgeable professionals,” Intriago added.

Below are bios for the two newest Board members.

Toni Gillich

A Senior Analyst with the Government Accountability Office, she is part of a team responsible for conducting performance audits for Congress, covering a wide range of financial services industry issues. She has 15 years experience in auditing banking and securities issues, focusing on financial crimes. She has led audits on the oversight of suspicious activity reporting, banking and securities regulators’ anti-money laundering examination programs, and various payments systems and banking issues. She has contributed to numerous audits involving other financial crimes issues including violations of financial sanctions programs, Mexican cartels, maritime piracy, and ongoing work in virtual currencies and cyber threats to financial institutions. Before her auditing career, she was a lobbyist in international trade issues. She holds a B.A. in Economics and M.A. in International Development from American University.

LaTonia Symonette-Tinker

Founder and President of The Bayshore Group LLC, Nassau, The Bahamas, and a top financial crime, AML and compliance specialist for 15 years, she develops financial crime compliance training programs, conducts internal control and company risk assessments, provides non-executive directorship and corporate services with a focus on financial institution and corporate governance for international clients. A lawyer, she previously was Head of Operations and the MLRO at Swiss Financial Services (Bahamas) Ltd., in Nassau, and a leader of the FATCA Compliance Development Team of the Swiss Financial Services Group. Previously, she was the Compliance and Legal Officer at Santander Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd. A frequent speaker, she is charter member of the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS) and a candidate for CFCS certification. She is an Executive Board Member of The Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers (BACO), a member of the Investment Funds Act Technical Team of the Bahamas, and serves on several working groups of the Bahamas Financial Services Board.

Advisory Board guides ACFCS in many ways

The Advisory Board guides the staff of ACFCS in its various services to its members and financial crime professionals worldwide, including content, training, certification and conferences. The membership of ACFCS includes professionals in a wide array of fields, including compliance officers, investigators and analysts, attorneys, forensic accountants, auditors, asset recovery specialists and others.

ACFCS also awards the Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) certification to those who meet certain qualifications and pass a rigorous examination offered at more than 700 testing centers worldwide. It is the first credential that tests competence across the financial crime spectrum, including money laundering, fraud, corruption, FATCA-tax evasion, compliance, investigations, asset recovery and other fields.