CFCS Exam Preparation
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The CFCS Online Exam Preparation Seminar is the ultimate tool to prepare you for the Certified Financial Crime Specialist examination. The prep course not only provides an in-depth guide to all of the content and concepts included on the CFCS exam, it also guides attendees through numerous practice questions and equips attendees with test-taking tips and insights needed to excel. It is also live and interactive, allowing participants the chance to ask the presenters their questions. The seminar is conducted in three sessions. Each segment is guided by top experts and follows the CFCS Examination Preparation Study Manual (included in your purchase of the CFCS Exam). Registrants receive the prep seminar on-demand within two business days.

Subjects covered span a wide range of financial crime knowledge: AML, fraud, anti-corruption, sanctions, compliance programs, cybersecurity, tax evasion, investigations and more. This training not only assists you in preparing for the CFCS Exam, but also enhances your knowledge on crucial financial crime topics with guidance from industry experts.

The CFCS Exam Prep Seminar is only accessible by those who have purchased the CFCS Certification Package. Click here to login and register for the next CFCS Exam Prep Seminar.

If you have not purchased the CFCS Certification Package and would like to purchase the Seminar without the Certification, contact us at

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