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The Global Leader in Financial Crimes Prevention and Detection Certification
Through membership, live and online training, and the Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) credential, our goal is to deliver resources that enable better performance in financial crime compliance, investigations, regulation and enforcement for employees at every level of your organization.  

ACFCS Background
ACFCS was started by some of the top leaders in the financial crime prevention and detection community, who recognized the increased fiduciary responsibility on Boards, Senior Executives and Chief Compliance Officers. In response, they began development of the Certified Financial Crime Specialist Program, of training, tools, assessments and certification. ACFCS is the first and only global leader providing training and education on all aspects of the prevention and detection of financial crime.

ACFCS Approach
Over the last three decades, the financial crime risk landscape has expanded dramatically for private and public sector organizations. In addition, regulatory and compliance expectations have become more robust, making financial crime prevention and detection a critical piece of enterprise security.

We embrace these emerging trends by taking a holistic view of financial crimes training, certification and
membership. Issues like money laundering, fraud and corruption are parts of an interconnected whole that
require a more comprehensive approach.

In response to this shift in compliance, regulation and enforcement toward a converged approach to financial
crime, we focus our content, training and assessment on all aspects of the financial crime - across all
departments in your organization. 

ACFCS Promise 
We will provide professionals and organizations with world-class tools and knowledge to help improve results in financial crime detection and prevention.

Financial crime comes in many different forms: a corrupt public official accepting bribes, a narcotics cartel
laundering illicit proceeds, a fraudster running Ponzi schemes or a terrorist financier. ACFCS recognizes that
these seemingly diverse types of financial crime are more alike than different, and we strive to help your
organization stay a step ahead of these intersections.

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