Missing records in Sands-China FCPA case puts e-discovery in spotlight, lawyer careers at risk


Date: Oct. 9, 2012
By: ACFCS Staff

Casino moguls feuding over billions, a mysteriously elusive hard drive and an international conspiracy with politically-sensitive corruption overtones are all on display in a Clark County, Nevada county courtroom.

Although intrigue and skullduggery are hardly rare in financial crime cases, a lawsuit linked to the US probe of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. for possible Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations has now entered James Bond territory.

For 18 months, attorneys for Las Vegas Sands told county Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez they could not respond to a request to produce 100,000 electronic records because they were kept in Macau, China, where the Macau Personal Data Privacy Act, they said, prohibited the records from leaving the country.

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